Feb 23-24th Weekend

It was a fun weekend with my pal, Elle.  On Saturday we struggled a bit in the wind and cold and fell a little short with a 5th place finish.  But, on Sunday, we overcame a tough morning and landed in the finals of the AVP First competition in Dallas. We ended up 2nd and had some great wins and got better every game.

A Busy (and Cold) Winter

I haven’t written in awhile.  I have been playing every weekend, traveling to Dallas and California twice and attending some awesome camps. I’ve played with some great new partners and made some lifelong friends.  Elin and I (pictured above) earned our P1440 Gold bid in the freezing cold and had a blast!  But, I do have to say that I am looking forward to the warmer weather!  It was even cold, windy and rainy in Santa Monica in Feb which was unbelievable.  My partner, Kaitlyn and I persevered and did take 3rd in the silver bracket at the BVNE showcase but we were definitely not prepared for Cali’s weather to be so terrible.   Bring on the spring 🙂

ROX bid and 16U Champions

What a great day yesterday.  It was sunny and 70 degrees in San Antonio, TX which is always nice in December.  Canada and I played hard and ended up undefeated against a lot of really strong teams.  It was so much fun playing with Canada since we never played together before and it was even more fun hanging out in between games with so many of my great friends and partners.

Two AVP First Wins this Weekend

What a crazy weekend!  On Saturday, Gracey Campbell and I played in the beautiful 70 degree weather and had a great day, taking first place in Austin.  On Sunday, I went to San Antonio and played with my friend Emilia Guerra-Acuna and it was FREEZING!  We had a great day, battling hard to come out on top.  All I know is I am ready for some turkey!

Two great weekends in a row!

Last weekend, I traveled to Cali to play in the Kauai Bikini Tournament and the BVNE College Showcase.  We made GOLD both days and had some amazing games, including a win over two Pepperdine commits.  On Sunday, we had the most points that anyone had all day when playing the tournament champions.  All in all, it was a good weekend.  Today, we were back in Austin and Kaitlyn Bradley and I won the 16U AAU bid tournament.  It was also my homecoming weekend and I was super proud that my peers voted me to the sophomore homecoming court.  A fun but tiring weekend for sure!

Got my AAU Bid!

I had such a fun day today!  I placed second in the 16U AAU and earned my 2019 National Bid with my friend, Elle Cassaday.  After that, we started playing in the 18U but she hurt her ankle so my pal Arden Besecker stepped up and played with me.  We had to forfeit all of our games since we were an “illegal team” but we had some amazing wins, including a win over an FSU & UAB commit!  My dad’s iphone malfunctioned in the middle so we didn’t get the last half but it was a super exciting game.  We won 21-18.  All in all, it was such a great day!

1st Place Austin Women’s Tournament

This past Wednesday night I headed to Project Serve after indoor practice to play in a Women’s tournament with my friend Kaeley.  There were eight teams and the competition was so much fun!  We were the only juniors there and after some tough matches, we were eventually crowned the champions.  It was so great to see so many adults playing volleyball and they were so nice to us.  We really had a blast!

Bringing Home the Gold in AVP First in North Cal

I had an absolute blast last weekend in Northern California!  I played in an AVP First tournament with a new partner I had never met, Gisele Caba and we took first!  It was fun to figure out each other’s style and learn how to work together — we lost one match but fought back hard to beat that same team in the finals.  It was beautiful weather in California and a very friendly competition.

2nd Place Women’s Tournament

On September 15th, my partner Hailey Hamlett and I took 2nd in a Women’s tournament in Austin.  We had a great time even through the rain and we beat every team at least once.  We finished first in the first round and then, through double elimination, ended up falling to one of my coaches and her partner in the final.  We had a blast though and will definitely be back again in the future!